5+ Longevity Twitters You Need to Follow

Twitter is THE social network of choice to follow thought leaders in longevity. It's not just a tool to find out what people are thinking in real time, but also a conduit to find companies and people related to the people you follow.

Even if you don't plan on writing a single tweet in your life, you should consider lurking just to listen in on the chatter of the Twitterverse.

Not all the big thought leaders have Twitter accounts / or are active tweeters, unfortunately. However, here are some of my favourite active Longevity Twitter follows:

1. Peter Attia

Dr. Peter Attia is a medical doctor whose private practice focusses on longevity. He also runs a popular longevity podcast The Peter Attia Drive.

He is fairly active on Twitter (and Instagram). When he is not sharing updates from the podcast or photos of Topo Chico, he can be found answering questions from some of his followers.

2. Laura Deming

Laura Deming is the founder and head VC of the Longevity Fund. She's considered to be a longevity science wunderkind, having started research in Cynthia Kenyon's lab at the age of 12. She went on to win a Thiel Fellowship at the age of 17, using the money to start The Longevity Fund.

Her Twitter stream often explores topics and questions in general science.

3. Eric Topol

Eric Topol is an American cardiologist and author of Deep Medicine: How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Healthcare Human Again.

His Twitter stream often shares interesting journal articles related to the application of AI to medicine.

4. David Sinclair

David Sinclair an aging researcher at Harvard and the founder of multiple biotech companies. He is most famous for his work on Sirtuins and substances that act on the MTOR pathways (NMN, reserveratrol, NAD+).

5. Alex Zhavoronkov

Alex Zhavoronkov is a researcher and founder of Insilico, an AI-powered drug discovery company. He is also a big proponent of extended human longevity.

6. Hourglass

Hourglass is an online magazine devoted to the science of longevity. This twitter stream focuses on new research journal articles and also live tweets Longevity science conferences!

7. Lifespan.io

Lifespan.io is an organization dedicated to raising awareness and funding for life extension research through outreach and crowdfunding campaigns. Their Twitter frequently posts links relevant to anti-aging research.


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