Biohack Stack is an online community where users can post, explore, and discuss their self-optimization "stacks" with other biohackers.

Biohack Stack also features the most comprehensive online database of biohacks, complete with user reviews so you can see what hacks are working for others and what's not.

What is biohacking?

In short, biohacking is D.I.Y biology.

In the mainstream this usually means using latest advances in science and technology to optimize health and productivity. In the fringes, it can also refer to a new breed of DIY genetic engineering and biotechnology.

Biohacking often involves the use of medical devices, biomarker tests, self-monitoring, wearables, nootropics, supplements, off-label drugs, lifestyle practices, science-based fitness plans, specialized diets, productivity boosters, sleep optimizers, bioimplants, CRISPR, and more.

As technology and scientific understanding of biology accelerates, we will be able to quantify and modify our bodies in ways we cannot predict.

Who are biohackers?

Biohackers are a varied bunch.

Mainstream hackers are trying to improve their general health, sleep, and longevity.

Some are athletes fastidiously monitoring every aspect of the physical performance and nutrition.

Some are tech entrepreneurs trying to boost mental performance and productivity.

Others are hardcore technophile self-tinkerers, implanting magnets, RFIDs, and CRISPR / gene therapies into their own bodies.

Biohack Stack is a place for all biohackers.

A growing movement

Biohacking is a small but rapidly accelerating movement. The biohackers subreddit, /r/Biohackers, has about 10k subscribers (June 2019) but is growing exponentially -- doubling roughy every 10 months. A somewhat related subreddit, /r/longevity, is also see similar exponential growth.

/r/Biohackers subscriber growth is exponential

Accountability and Transparency

We are strong believers in transparency, especially since our industry often attracts charlatans, snake oil salespeople, and pseudoscience peddlers.

To dispel any hint of impropriety, we will post our revenue numbers and sources every month. We also intend to donate 10% of all profits to the SENS Research Foundation (or similar) to support research in defeating aging.


Nathan Cheng M.Sc, Founder (@realNathanCheng)

Nathan Cheng is the founder of Biohack Stack. He is a physics PhD dropout, entrepreneur, and biohacker based in Toronto, Canada. As a believer in radical longevity, he is mostly interested in sleep, health, and anti-aging hacks. He is chronologically 31-years-old.

He obtained his Bachelor's in Nuclear Engineering (McMaster University) and his Master's in Physics (University of Toronto).

Checkout everything he is using in his Stack.