Biohacking Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sales 2019

Many biohacking companies are offering substantial discounts to their products for Black Friday / Cyber Monday this year. Some of these sales only happen once a year so you might want to consider taking advantage of them or risk having to wait till next year's opportunity.

Top Biohacking Black Friday Discount List 2019

Here's an updated list of the best deals and discounts for Black Friday / Cyber Monday that we could find on the web. Some of the deals expire on Black Friday while others last till early December -- check each website for more details.

Found any other juicy Black Friday biohacking sales? Let us know in the comments below.

Product Promotion Category Code Description
Dreem 2 $100 off Sleep Tracker BLACKFRIDAY EEG style sleep tracker
Dante Labs Premium Whole Genome Sequencing $189 (save $710) DNA sequencing 30x coverage whole genome sequencing. (8 weeks results time)
23andMe Health + Ancestry Kit $99 (save $100) DNA Sequencing Health Predisposition, Carrier Status, Wellness, Ancestry, Family Tree, Relative Finder
The ODIN (genetic engineering kits) 20% off DIY biotech FUTURE Assorted DIY genetic engineering kits.
Chilipad Cooling Products 20% off Sleep chili20off Mattress cooling pad for improving sleep
Fitbit Versa 2 $149.95 (save $50) Fitness, Sleep Fitness and sleep tracker. Built in Alexa and notifications, GPS.
Withings (assorted products) up to 30% off Sleep, fitness, health monitors Sleep, Smart Watches, Blood pressure monitor, Smart scales

Here are some more biohacking Black Friday deals by category:

Wearables, Sleep Trackers, Fitness Trackers, Other Trackers and Gear

Dreem 2

Sale Price: $399 USD
Savings: $100 USD (20% off)

The Dreem 2 is an EEG-style sleep tracker that measures your brainwaves in order to track your REM / deep sleep cycles. It is on sale for Black Friday for $100 off.

Oura Ring

Sale Price: ??? starts Black Friday 9AM New York time. (EST)
Savings: ??? (last year was $75 off)

The Oura Ring is a popular sleep tracking ring that measures heart rate, sleep cycles, heart rate variability, body temperature, activity, and respiration rate.

Their secret Black Friday sale will take place on Black Friday at 9AM, New York time. While the specifics of the Black Friday sale is unknown yet, last year Oura offered $75 off for their first 100 customers.

Withings -- Assorted Products

Sale Price: --
Savings: up to 50% off

Withings is having a Black Firday sale of up to 50% off many of their products including:

  • Smart watches (with heart rate / sleep tracking)
  • Wireless blood pressure monitor
  • Smart scales
  • Under-mattress sleep tracker system

DNA Testing

Dante Labs Premium Whole Genome Sequencing

Sale Price: $189 USD
Savings: save $710

CAUTION: There have been reports on Reddit that this company is not trustworthy. Be careful. Do your own research.

Dante Labs is having an insane discount off of their premium Whole Genome Sequencing (30x, 8 weeks processing time) test. Unlike genotyping companies like 23andMe, which only sequence a very small percentage of your entire genome, Whole Genome Sequencing analyzes your entire genome. 30x coverage (sequencing your entire genome 30 times) is considered clinical grade.

The next cheapest Whole Genome Sequencing service is Veritas at $599 USD, which is more than twice the price

23andMe - Ancestry and Health Kit

Sale Price: $99 USD
Savings: save $100, 50% off

23andMe is one of the most popular DNA testing services on the market. Their Ancestry + Heath DNA test is 50% off this holiday season. The test includes features such as:

  • Family tree report
  • Ethnicity report
  • Health predisposition report
  • Wellness traits
  • Carrier status
  • Relative finder

Their other kits (Ancestry, VIP) are also on sale.

DIY Biotech & Bioengineering

The ODIN - DIY biotech kits

Savings: 20% off

The ODIN (Josiah Zayner's company) is offering 20% off their DIY genetic engineering kits this season with the code FUTURE. The most popular kits seem to be their CRISPR Bacteria Kit / Fluorescent yeast engineering kit.

What We Think Are the Top Deals for Biohacking Black Friday 2019

  • Dante Labs' Whole Genome sequencing at $189 is so cheap for clinical grade DNA testing it is almost unbelievable.
  • Dreem 2 is one of the few consumer EEG-style sleep tracking devices and normally goes for $499. On sale at $399 USD, their Black Friday discount amounts to 20% off. I already have an Oura Ring, but the much better accuracy of the Dreem 2's sleep stage monitoring is very tempting.
  • The ODIN genetic engineering kits sound like a fun and educational way to dip your toes into CRISPR and DIY biotech. Their code "FUTURE" will get you 20% off. You can also choose the option of buying it as a gift, which lets you choose when you want to receive the perishable

Possible Black Friday / Cyber Monday One-day Sales

Some companies will not reveal Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales until the day of. But judging from the previous year's Black Friday, we might be able to guess what might be in store this year in terms of sales.

Oura Ring Cyber Monday

Last year (2018) Oura Ring had a Cyber Monday $75 off code for the first 100 customers. This would be a 25% discount from their cheapest ring. It is possible they will offer this deal again this year.


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